New research - top 5 most discussed companies in the Computer Software industry

I believe you've already seen our two previous posts on the companies from the Computer Software industry. For those who haven't or who wants to refresh the memory, check them out - top 5 companies by the number of open job positions and top 5 by website's traffic growth.

Today's research will be based on the top 5 most discussed tickers in Twitter (another brilliant alternative data point) over the past month, for the same Computer Software industry. We're following the simple logic - the more positive/negative social buzz around the company, the more chances that its stock price will change.

Thus, there are the results:

1. Matterport, Inc. ($MTTR) - the company is leading the digital transformation of the built world.

2. Red Violet, Inc. ($RDVT) - a software and services company. It specializes in big data analysis, providing cloud-based, mission-critical information solutions to enterprises in a variety of industries.

3. Fastly Inc. ($FSLY) - a real-time content delivery network (CDN) company. The Company provides services in the areas of delivery, security, streaming media, e-commerce and private CDN.

4. Auddia Inc. ($AUUD) - a technology company that is engaged in radio broadcasts and streaming audio content digitally.

5. McAfee Corp. ($MCFE) - a company that provides various integrated security, privacy, and trust solutions to consumers in the United States and internationally. McAfee had several discussion peaks in October, but now the buzz is shutting down:  

As a result of the research, we can see that $MTTR and $FSLY have been massively discussed in Twitter over the past month (a couple thousands of ticker mentions). You can check other alternative data points for these companies just by clicking on their tickers :)

P.S. You can the data from today's analysis or analyze the companies from another perspective here: Software&growth=ticker mentions on twitter&over=last month

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