Another perspective on companies from the Computer Software industry - open job positions.

Hi everyone! This is a continuation of the previous post where we've analyzed the website's traffic growth for the companies in the Computer Software industry and outlined the top 5 of them with the most dynamic growth. Now we're analyzing the same industry, but from another perspective - the number of open jobs positions - another important metric of public companies' performance over the Internet.

The data has been collected from Glassdoor and Indeed sources, and here are the top 5 companies with the biggest growth of job openings over the past month:

1. Blackline ($BL) - a provider of financial and accounting software. Almost 200 new job positions over the last 30 days - they're definitely on something!

2. Calix ($CALX) - a provider of computer services. Calix offers communication software, networking solutions, and cloud computing services. Not a big growth compared to the first $BL, but look how actively they're closing all open job positions.

3. Bandwitdth, Inc. ($BAND) - the global cloud platform enterprises choose for cloud-ready voice, messaging, and emergency services. We know these guys from the previous top - they took first place in the website's traffic growth! The number of open job positions as well as the traffic has doubled over the past month. How will it be reflected on the stock price and profit figures? We can't wait to see it!

4. Concentrix corporation ($CNXC) - a technology-enabled company specialized in customer engagement and customer management. These guys have been actively hiring during the last 6 months!

5. Forian Inc. ($FORA) - a provider of integrated operating environment solutions for the legal cannabis industry.

We don't have clear statistical evidence that the growth of job openings affects the stock price on hand, but following the usual logic - if the company is actively hiring and posted 2 times more new vacancies, then it is empowering and improving which may affect the stock's price. If the research was interesting and you'd like to stay on top of changes in companies' online performance - just subscribe to our real-time alternative data signals here.

P.S. You can check all the data from today's analysis or analyze the companies according to other criteria here: Software&growth=job openings&over=last month

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