Vlad Ilnitskiy

Vlad Ilnitskiy

We’ve analyzed the growth of the followers for all US public companies in Twitter, FB, Instagram. Check out the top 3 ones with the fastest growth of followers over the past month.

We’ve been collecting data on the number of followers on corporate pages of the companies in Twitter, Facebook, Instagram over the past 3 months. In addition, we also analyzed the website’s traffic and the popularity of the company's website search request in Google to see if followers on
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We've been analyzing data on employees growth for the top 3K public companies over the past month. Below you can see the top 3 companies by dynamics of hiring/dynamics of staff's expansion

We've been collecting data from such sources as Linkedin for the last month, and then aggregated the collected data in a historical perspective and got the top 3 companies with the most dynamic employees growth. Besides, we filtered those with less than 50 employees to not shoot down the accuracy
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We’ve analyzed the websites of the top 3000 public companies and their traffic. Here are the ones whose traffic is growing the most dynamically.

TL;DR: $SAVA, $RIOT, $OCGN, $PNM, $MTCH 1. Cassava Sciences Inc. ($SAVA) - biopharmaceutical company focused on neuroscience. Traffic has increased due to the rapid progress in the development of a drug from Alzheimer’s disease. 2. Riot Blockchain Inc. ($RIOT) - bitcoin mining company which maintains bitcoin blockchain. Everything
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We've spent more than 100 hours immersing ourselves in the alternative data market. Here's a short summary of how top financial institutions make money using alternative data

Let's first understand the terms. The traditional data that traders use is the company's financial statements, various financial historical data, etc. Alternative data is everything that's indirectly related to a company but is not a direct indicator of its financial values and performance. This concept includes the widest range of
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