Final post on public companies from the Computer Software industry - summary

Welcome back, it's a final one! Today's post will be a summary of 3 previous analyses on companies from the Computer Software industry. In case you missed them, here they are for your convenience:
- top 5 companies by the number of open job positions;
- top 5 by website's traffic growth;
- top 5 most discussed on Twitter.

JFYI, the analysis for all 3 posts has been made according to the dynamic of change of their alternative data points (website's traffic, number of open job positions, and number of ticker mentions on Twitter) over the past month. We found these 3 metrics the most interesting, but to support your investment decisions, you can choose other metrics for a desired period of time (week, month, quarter, year): Software&growth=employees number&over=last week

Btw, you can simply choose any desired segment/industry as well:

Such analyses help you to determine new perspective companies for investments or to see that giants are confidently growing/stagnating from a long-term vision. Furthermore, you can receive data signals online if any of the metrics rapidly grows/decreases for a company of your interest.

Let's take a Bandwith Inc. ($BAND) - it appeared in 2 previous posts, and if we take a closer look at its metrics - we can see a constant increase for each one:
Below you can find some examples that support what have been said above:

Thus, if the company is actively hiring new employees, the traffic to its website grows exponentially, and it's been actively discussed on social media over the past month/quarter - it's a brilliant indicator that its stock price can go up, and we will see even greater profit figures in the next quarter:

What do you think about it? You can easily perform such analysis for any interesting segment and spot some stocks for investments based not only on direct and financial metrics but also on alternative data points which will make your decisions more data-driven and objective. Start here and discover!

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