Top 5 companies in Computer Software industry by website's traffic growth over the past month

It's an open secret that the more traffic you get to the website, regardless of the industry, the more opportunities you have to add new customers - it's a great indicator of public companies' performance over the Web. We have been collecting the traffic data from SimilarWeb and Alexa sources for the public companies in the computer software field for the last month, and below you can see the top 5 stocks by their website's traffic growth based on our analysis of gathered data.

1. Bandwidth Inc. ($BAND) - the global cloud platform enterprises choose for cloud-ready voice, messaging, and emergency services.

2. Ncino, Inc. ($NCNO) - a cloud-based bank operating solution for the financial services industry.

3. Instructure Holdings, Inc. ($INST) - the company provides a learning management system dedicated to elevating student success, amplifying the power of teaching, and inspiring everyone to learn together.

4., Inc. ($AI) - a leading enterprise AI software provider for accelerating digital transformation.

5. Taskus, Inc. ($TASK) - a customer care and back-office support company that helps companies provide exceptional experiences for their customers.

From the research, we can see that such an important indirect metric as website's traffic has doubled or almost doubled for some of these companies over the past month! Considering that one of their main sales channels is the website - it's a brilliant indicator and we will see great profit figures in the Q4 report.

P.S. You can check all the data from today's analysis or analyze the companies according to other criteria here: Software&growth=website traffic&over=last month

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