Weekly gainers #1: top 5 most discussed companies on Twitter over the last week

Hi everyone! This week there will be a couple of posts with the top companies from all industries based on their performance over the last week. We track various indirect companies' metrics to spot the sharp increases/decreases which may affect the price of the stocks.

In this post, we've analyzed the most discussed companies on Twitter over the last week. Some companies have posted their Q3 reports on November 4th, which caused lots of social activity around the tickers. It's a nice indicator for making the investments - the more positive/negative social buzz around the company's ticker - the more chances to see the change in its stock.

1. Fat Brands Inc. ($FATBB) - a multi-brand restaurant franchising company. It develops, markets, and acquires predominantly fast casual and casual dining restaurant concepts.

$FATBB shares skyrocketed almost 200% and were halted at some point of the day after the company announced it was purchasing Fazoli's restaurant chain for $130M. The shares appeared to be jumping after mentions on social media such as StockTwits, with some mentioning the stock's low float and lack of shares available to short. Keep a closer eye on this stock this week as well, the traders say that it’s a runner with a nice dividend.

2. Deciphera Pharmaceuticals Inc. ($DCPH) - a biotechnology company, which develops and manufactures kinase-inhibiting drugs for the treatment of cancers and immunological diseases.

The social buzz was caused by Deciphera announcing the results of its Phase 3 QINLOCK study. Keep in mind, this is the key drug candidate the company has in its pipeline. For investors in DCPH stock, this was a big blow because now it isn’t Deciphera’s only drug. However, investors clearly had forecasted a significant amount of long-term cash-flow growth on the basis of this drug being approved. Accordingly, this is a stock that’s likely to continue its price discovery in the coming days.

3.  Qurate Retail Inc. ($QRTEA) - the company is engaged in the video and online commerce industries.

The company has announced its Q3 earnings results on Thursday, November 4th, where its revenue decreased 7% to $3.1 billion. “While there are near-term industry challenges to work through, I couldn’t be more excited about the long-term opportunity at Qurate Retail to accelerate growth and drive shareholder value,” said David Rawlinson, President and CEO of Qurate Retail

4. Alpine Immune Science Inc. ($ALPN) - is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company. It is engaged in discovering and developing innovative, protein-based immunotherapies to treat cancer and autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.

Alpine Immune Sciences, Inc showed great current-quarter revenue growth of 945.50%.

5. US Foods Holdings Inc. ($USFD) - US Foods is the second-largest U.S. food-service distributor behind Sysco, holding a 10% market share of the highly fragmented food-service distribution industry.

US Foods is scheduled to announce Q3 earnings results on Monday, November 8th, before the market open. The traders are actively predicting and waiting for the results.

Today's analysis is available here: https://contora.ai/top_companies?industry=all&growth=ticker mentions on twitter&over=last week

You can check other alternative data points for these companies just by clicking on their tickers :)

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